Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wow, it's been a Long Time!

In Kentucky it's March Madness.
My alma mater, Murray State University is looking very good these days.  They have only lost one game all year and we are so excited for them.
So needless to say it is basketball fever around here.
My University of Kentucky Wildcats also have only lost one game this year, so both of my favorite KY teams are playing AWESOME.
I recently made some door ornaments for my family using the technique I used in one of my earlier posts. 
I used painted burlap to make some cute little UK basketballs.
They were easy to make just a little time consuming.
I didn't use a pattern for the shape I merely traced around a big round ice bucket I had and made to circles.  After cutting them out I painted them an orange basketball color.  I simply mixed an orange with a brown color paint til I got the right color.  After painted each circle I began to embellish the basketball.  I painted the basketball seams with black and then painted the UK logo with paws on each. 
After the painting was complete I just took the 2 circles and put them together with hot glue and stuffed the middle with old newspapers. 
After I went around the edge and glued the sides together I made a little bow to put on it out of blue ribbon and then affixed a hanger.
So now we're ready for March Madness in Kentucky.  I think I ended up making about 8 of them for my family.
Murray State Racers and University of Kentucky Wildcats.
So long from Murray,

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